Golf Simulator Kits

Build Your
Own Golf Escape

Some people simply like doing things themselves, and we respect that. Whether you’re not yet ready to go full custom or are looking for something that you can take down seasonally, our one-size-fits-most ProSuite Simulator Kits provide you with what you’ll need to complete your vision.

Golf Simulator Kit Components

Golf Simulator impact screen

Proprietary High Impact Screen

Not all screens are created equal. We spent years sourcing the greatest materials in the industry for optimum clarity, sound deadening, impact resistance and overall strength. As far as components go, our screens are what truly set us apart and they’re something you really have to see to believe.

Steel frame structure for indoor golf simulator

Steel Frame Structure

Custom fabricated screens require a custom fabricated frame, so we built that too. Our steel frame structures are built to withstand just about anything you can imagine to ensure that those industry leading screens stay right where you want them, steady as a rock and ready to absorb those crushing drives for countless rounds to come.

Blackout ceiling, side curtains and rigging for In home golf

Blackout Ceiling, Side Curtains & Rigging

Light bleed is the enemy of all projector and screen combinations – the brighter it is surrounding your screen, the less vivid the image, which for us simply won’t do. So, with every ProSuite Simulator Kit we include the ceiling, side curtains and rigging required to ensure an experience so immersive that you’d swear you could hear the birds chirping overhead.

Black trim for indoor golf turf

Black Trim

A sharp tuxedo just isn’t the same without a proper black tie. We consider our black trim to be the perfectly positioned accessory that brings the whole system together. Details are important so we haven’t left a single one untouched.

Putting turf and Champions Tee Strike mat for golf at home

Putting Turf & Champions Tee Strike Mat

A golf experience without lush greenery is like trying to drive with an iron – sure it might get you to where you want to be in the end but something about it just doesn’t feel right. Step up your ProSuite Simulator Kit with our premier quality turf and Champions Tee strike mat.

Windows PC with golf simulator software and HD projector

Projector, Windows PC & 24” Touchscreen

We’ve put together a projector, computer and touchscreen set that pairs perfectly with the rest of the components in our ProSuite Simulator Kit.

Our Golf Simulator Kit In Action

Our ProSuite Built Kits have been installed across North America. Take a look at just a few photos submitted by happy clients from coast to coast.

Basement custom golf simulator installation with turf, windows pc and high impact screen
InHome Golf Simulator Kit setup for home and commercial
Custom golf simulator installation in the corner of a room

Kit Comparison



$8,450 CAD
$7,450 USD


ProSuite + Turf

$9,950 CAD
$8,950 USD


ProSuite Complete

$14,950 CAD
$13,500 USD

  • Premium High
    Impact Screen
  • Steel Frame Structure
    (13' W x 9' H x 6' D)
  • Full Blackout Ceiling & Side Curtains Plus Rigging
  • Black Trim
  • Putting Turf
    (15' x 10')
  • Champions Tee Strike Mat
    (8' x 4')
  • Projector
  • Windows PC
  • 24" Touchscreen

Order Your ProSuite Kit

Please contact our sales team at 1-800-557-5859 or to place your order. We will work with you to ensure that you have the necessary space required to install your new simulator suite.

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