Additional Uses For Your Custom In Home Simulator

More Than Just Golf

Your entertainment space is about more than just golf. Fortunately, we've built our industry leading screens to withstand impacts from just about anything you can throw (or kick) at it. And if you refuse to accept sports beyond the green, your projector setup can serve double duty as a home theatre system, larger than life workout app display, or immersive video game experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

TruGolf Multi-Sport add-ons


Our components can be added to any existing golf simulator, adding world-class sports arcade games. Use TruGolf Multi-Sport to play Rally Baseball, Slap Shot Hockey, Foot Golf, and Breakaway Soccer! Or add the party pack for Disc-Go Golf, Bowl-a-Rama and ZOMBIE Dodgeball! If skeet or trap shooting is more your thing, DryFire connects with your own gun, allowing you to practice any discipline – trap, skeet, and sporting, at club, national and international levels. Get accurate feedback, to the nearest fraction of an inch!

Dad and daughter watching movie on Golf Simulator screen


Sometimes “big screen” just isn’t big enough. Our custom designed impact screens are not only the most durable on the market, they also produce a clearer, crisper image than any traditional home theatre screen. Whether you’re looking to drop yourself right into your favourite action scene, laugh along with life size comedy, or surround yourself with the best that nature has to offer in an award winning documentary series, our simulator suites will immerse you in the experience.

Two young children playing video games on an indoor custom golf screen

Video Games

Dive into the action in ways you’d never imagined. If it’s sports you’re into, that football game with your buddies just became so real you can almost smell the tailgate barbecue. If driving simulation games are more your thing, this is about as realistic as you can get short of truly getting behind the wheel. Maybe you’re more of a real action person – jump online and see that first person excitement in a whole new light. Let the games begin!

Young woman working out at home with blue coloured barbells.

Workout Videos/Apps

It isn’t always easy to find the motivation to head to your local gym or spin class. Luckily, physical fitness technology has come a long way over the last few years. No more trying to convince yourself to get on that old recumbent bike in the basement – now you can bring the gym to you with a number of fitness apps that work seamlessly with modern equipment and our state of the art display screens.