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QED Succeed brings the most comprehensive, realistic golf practice center conveniently within your reach with:
– Stroke Play: Fifteen more 18-Hole golf courses for up to 6 players
– Driving Range: Lake Range, Peak Range & Targeting Range
– Short Game Training: Approach & Putting
– Challenge mode: For Training and Competing with friends

Whether it is working on your short game to dial-in those wedges or 18-hole course practice with friends for some friendly competition, Succeed provides the foundation to practice with purpose.

Enhance your game both on and off the course by adding Succeed to your Uneekor QED Ignite Launch Monitor or Uneekor EyeXO View Launch Monitor.

CA$ 2,760

For USD pricing please call customer support.

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5 Training Modes:

  • Short Game Complex with Practice, Evaluation, and Competition Modes for both Approach and Putting
  • Driving Range with Approach and Putting Features
  • Course Practice with (5) 18-hole non-U.S. courses
  • Stroke Play with (5) 18-hole non-U.S. courses
  • QED Challenge, an entertaining island-target game for friends and family

Twenty (20) 18-hole non-U.S. Courses


  • This product requires additional support for activation. Please contact our customer service team to complete purchase.
  • Software non-refundable.
  • Orders shipped to/within Canada may be subject to additional duties, taxes, and/or import fees. Fee applicable for changes to licences information post initial purchase.
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