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Passion Turned Profession

At InHome Golf, partnership means everything – in technology, in business, and of course, with our clients. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

As We See It

InHome Golf is where industry insight and passion meet. With decades and countless rounds under our belts, we couldn’t help but notice a disconnect between the experiential needs of golfers and the tech-focused offerings of elite providers. Technology and data are great when it comes to improving your game but for most of us, experience means everything – so we set out to do things a little differently.

We all remember that feeling, something that drives us forward in everything we do, and we look forward to helping each one of our clients reproduce that sensation with every swing of the club.

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Our Team

We’ve brought together some of the best golf, tech, and sales professionals in the industry to give you the greatest experience possible.

Headshot of James Laidlaw, Owner & CEO of InHome Golf Simulators

James Laidlaw


Customer-service-minded throughout his career, James worked at the Royal Canadian Golf Association, creating hospitality and sponsorship partnerships for two national Opens. From there, he became the Director of Sales for HD Golf Simulators, followed by the National Director for TrackMan while they built their simulator division. In 2017 he launched InHome Golf to meet the need for a customizable golf simulator that seamlessly blends market-leading technology with a design-centric approach. James plays bass in the Shaolin Temple Pilots band and has two kids who don’t golf (but he’s working on it!).

Headshot of Greg McKenna, VP & GM of InHome Golf Simulators

Greg McKenna

VP Operations (Currently VP & GM)

Greg is focused on ensuring that InHome Golf runs like a well-oiled machine. He brings decades of experience in operations management, overseeing the logistics at InHome Golf to ensure our golf simulator projects are delivered as promised, on time and on budget. A creative outdoorsman at heart, his love of golf is only matched by his love of motorcycles, guitar and saltwater fishing.

Headshot of Mike Robinson, US Operations for InHome Golf simulators

Mike Robinson

Project Manager

Mike delivers 360-degree management throughout each golf simulator project he leads. As a former professional hockey player and an avid golfer, Mike combines his passion for sports with a focus on organization and detail orientation, ensuring you have a market-leading customer experience and, ultimately, your golf simulator project with InHome Golf goes off without a hitch.

Headshot of Sam Touma, Operations Manager for InHome Golf Simulators

Sam Touma

Project Manager

Sam has spent years in project management and operations in the construction industry, including an in-depth focus in the hospitality space. This unique experience has taught Sam the ability to combine his excellent interpersonal skills with a strong eye for detail, ensuring every golf simulator project he touches at InHome Golf is inspiring, engaging and flawless to the last feature.

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Will Mathews

Golf Simulator Consultant

Will’s professional background is diverse and includes experience in luxury goods and successful entrepreneurial endeavours in tech. This unique blend of expertise and his natural passion for golf led him into the world of golf simulators, where he spent time at Full Swing Golf and GolfZon, before bringing his talents to InHome Golf. With a seasoned opinion you can trust, you can expect Will to empower and educates you through the world of golf simulators.

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Shillion Mongru

Golf Simulator Consultant

As an Engineer with over 15 years focused on designing and developing complex automotive and consumer electronics, Shillion is a meticulous planner obsessed with user experience. He leveraged that experience during his 10 years as Sales Manager for a leading sporting goods company and the Director of Sales for OptiShot, a major golf simulator manufacturer before joining InHome Golf. His client-centric nature and love of the game ensure that each InHome Golf simulator project is teed up for success.

InHome Golf Installation Team

Trusted By The Best

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in golf, below are just a few.

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